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Syska 20000mAH Power Bank Sold At 96% OFF

The tale of the auction:

After the action-packed auction of Bass evolution Bluetooth speaker, the auction for Syska Power Bank commenced on the 21st of Jan at 10:00 AM; nearly 951 bids were placed in this exciting auction. All the bidders were keen to grab this sleeky and super stylish 20000mAH Power Bank. The bidding on the power bank happened at a tremendous pace! Time ticked away, but the bidding war remained intense. 

Who won the auction?

Vogard men’s leather braided belt went live on 20th January evening before the power bank that fascinated the bidders by its elegant brown look. Still, after the power bank’s auction went live, it grabbed the interest of the audience, and thus the Vogard belt was sold at only 4.60 RS (99% OFF).

The bidding war got accelerated again during the period of 8-10 PM. Many of the bidders were putting their continuous efforts for 2-3 hours, and thus auction endured till 2 AM on 22nd January.

There were some bidders like Rishi & Sunil, whose bidding frequency was better than others, and so were their chances to win the auction was higher. 

But as we know, consistency plays a vital role in bidding, Sonu Aher flooded the bids in the auction and grabbed the Syska Power Bank at 2 AM in the night.

Sonu’s consistency in bidding helped him to win the auction.

Congratulations, Sonu Aher!

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