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Lorenz Combo Of Black Men’s Wallet ,Sunglasses & Watch Sold At 87% Discount!

The tale of the auction

After the action-packed auction of boAt BassHeads 100 Hawk Inspired Earphones, the auction for Combo Of Black Men’s Wallet, Sunglasses & Watch commenced on 9th Feb 10:30 AM, more than 600 bids were placed in the auction. All the bidders were keen to grab the amazing Combo deal. The bidding on this product happened at a tremendous pace! Time ticked away, but the bidding war remained intense. 

Who won the auction?

100 Bids Bidpack went live before the combo that fascinated the bidders by its fantastic value, but after the combo had gone live, it grabbed the interest of the audience, and thus the bidpack was sold at only Rs. 40.

The bidding war got accelerated again during the auction phase. Many of the bidders put continuous efforts for 2-3 hours, and thus auction endured for a much longer time.

There were some bidders like Bhushan & Apoorv, whose bidding frequency was much better than others, and so were their chances to win the auction.

But as we know, the bidding is a mix of luck and strategy, and thus Mr. Sandip Chavhan won the auction just by bidding at the right time. 

Congratulations Sandip!

And all the best for your next auctions!!


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