• Auctions start from ₹0.
  • You place a bid, which raises the price by 10 paise.
  • The auction clock restarts from 5 minutes every time someone bids.
  • If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the last bidder wins.
  • Before you can take part in an auction you need to buy bids.

You can view how it works here.

Now you need to hold the bid for 5 minutes to win the auction. If someone else bids within this time, you can bid again to win the auction.

After you win, the item is automatically added to your cart. You need to buy it at the discounted auction price within 72 hrs.

You can buy items by

  • Participating in and winning auctions (by placing bids)
  • Or directly buying it using ‘Buy’ option.

No worries! You can always purchase the item using the ‘Buy’ option. But wait, it gets even more exciting:

  • Every bid that you place in an auction further reduces the ‘Buy’ price of the product by ₹5 each!
  • You win extra bids after buying the product!

Yes, all items on Bidkart are 100% original.


A bid is the currency you use to participate in auctions. Buy placing a bid, you increase the auction price by 10 paise, and reset the auction timer to 5 minutes.

You can directly buy bids here. 

You can get free bids by:

  • Inviting friends: win upto 20 bids.
  • Daily bonus! You get a free bid everyday. Just open the app.
  • Placing more than 5 bids on any auction. You only get these if you lose the auction.
  • Buying items directly. We give you free bids as a token of our appreciation.

Returns & Delivery

  • You can pay online using the payment options listed while you make payment.
  • You can also use ‘Cash on delivery’ (COD).
  • All payments on Bidkart are 100% safe and secure.
  • We accept free returns within 7 days of delivery. 
  • Our delivery executive will pick up your item from your delivery address.
  • If we find issues in your product, we’ll refund the full amount within 7-15 working days. 
  • Your bids won’t get refunded.
  • Vouchers or gift cards cannot be cancelled.
  • You can cancel the order before it is dispatched.
  • We’ll refund the full purchase amount within 7-15 working days.
  • Your bids won’t get refunded.
  • Vouchers or gift cards cannot be cancelled.

The warranty details will be mentioned in the product description, if the product you ordered has warranty.