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8 Secret Tips To Win Auctions On Bidkart App

Want to win more and more auctions?

We have got a few tips & tricks for you to get started with Bidkart and win the maximum number of auctions.

Let’s have a look at a few of these tricks –

  1. Always have at least 50 bids in your account – Our statistics show that the bidders winning the maximum number of auctions have at least 50 bids in their account at any moment. 
  2. Bid on less attractive products – The products having high demand usually end up lasting for hours, and even days, it’s better to bid on low demand products rather than running for top demand products.
  3. Check the Closed Section – Keep on checking the CLOSED section of the app to keep yourself updated about the closing price of previous auctions. This may give you insights about the products you may be bidding for in the next few hours.
  4. Check the Upcoming Section – If you are not much interested in the live auction products, have a look at the UPCOMING section of the app to know more about what exciting products are on the way. To track your favourite product’s auction, click on the Notify Me button to get an instant notification when that auction goes live.
  5. Study The Competition – Watch and learn who else is bidding on the auctions. Some people try to understand the bidding strategies of other bidders and have ruled them out as well.
  6. Earn Free Bids – Earn free bids by just referring your friends and family to use this app, and that’s it. You will earn free bids for every user you refer to the app.
  7. Buy Now & Get Special Discounts – If you do not win an auction, you still lose nothing. You can get amazing discounts on the auctions you bid at. Learn to take advantage of the Buy Now option. You are entitled to a Rs. 2 discount for every bid you place on the auction. So, if you place 100 bids on a Rs. 600 power bank, you can still grab the power bank just at Rs. 400 by availing a flat discount of Rs. 200.
  8. Try Different Times – Auctions might be easier to win at different times of the day. Build your strategy likewise to increase your chances of winning.

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